Send, receive and manage SMS with your desktop PC

With DesktopMessage you can quickly send and manage SMS from your desktop PC. Download all SMS from your phone with one click, archive messages on your PC or delete them on your phone.

Also, you'll have access to the SMS features of your phone from your desktop computer. DesktopMessage can even notify you upon incoming SMS.

Features of DesktopMessage for Nokia 3650/7650:

  • Send SMS from your desktop PC
  • Download all SMS from your phone to your PC
  • Delete SMS on your phone
  • Mark SMS on your phone as read/unread
  • Create local folders on your PC for organizing your SMS
  • DesktopMessage keeps you informed about incoming SMS
  • Conveniently connect via PC Suite for Nokia 3650/7650
  • Auto-Connect feature
  • Downloads contact details from address book and SMSs

Send SMS from your desktop.



DesktopMessage 1.02